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Satyajit Ray was a man with many talents. His genius did not stop at directing movies alone. He was a gifted graphic artist who would often sketch out decorative motifs, costume designs, and character studies for the film he was currently directing. Apart from this, he had also penned a number of books over the years. These not only dealt with treatments of scripts of the movies he intended to direct or help someone to direct but also included literary manuscripts in their own right and were as such highly regarded by his adoring public and critics alike. Thousands of Bengalis in particular will have fond memories of Feluda, the inimitable detective, and Ray's science fiction stories with which they grew up.

1965 - 1973
1965 Professor Shanku. (Translated from Bengali by Sukanya Jhaveri in 1981)
1969 Badasahi Amti (The Emperor's Ring)
1970 Professor Shankur Kandakarakhana (The Exploits of Professor Shanku)
1970 Eka Dajana Gappo (A Dozen Stories)
1970 Nonsense Rhymes, Sukumar Ray, translated by Satyajit Ray
1971 Sonar Kella (Golden Fortress)
1972 Kanchenjunga
1973 Nayaka (The Actor)
1973 Gorasthane Sabadhana (Beware of the Graveyard)

1974 - 1983
1974 Shabash Professor Shanku (Bravo Professor Shanku)
1974 Kailashe Kelenkari 1381(Disaster in Kailaash)
1975 Royal Bengal Rahasya 1382(Royal Bengal Mystery)
1976 Bishaya Chalachitra (Subject-Movies)
1976 Aro Eka Dajana (Another Dozen)
1976 Jaya Baba Phelunath
1976 Our films, Their films
1977 Phatikchand (Translated from the original in Bengali by Lila Ray, 1984)
1977 Mahasankate Sanku (Sanku in Great Trouble)
1977 Pheluda and Co.
1979 Ekei Bale Shooting (This is Called Shooting)
1979 Teen Rakam (Three Types)
1980 Svayam Professor Shanku (Professor Shanku Himself)
1981 Aro Baro (Another Twelve)
1981 Chinnamastara Abhishap (The Curse of Chinnamasta)
1981 Hatyapuri (Murder Town)
1982 Ecrits sur le Cinema.Traduit de l'anglais par Tony Mayer
1982 Jokhon Choto Chhilam (When I Was Small)
1983 Tintorettor Jishu (Jesus by Tintorettor)

1984 - 1992
1984 Jab Main Chota Tha (When I was Small, Translated from Bengali by Sandip Mukhopadhyaya)
1984 Pather Panchali (The Song of The Road)
1984 Ebaro Baro (Twelve, This Time Too)
1985 The Apu Trilogy (English version based on the original films in Bengali by Shampa Banerjee)
1986 Bravo Professor Shonku (Translated by Kathleen M. O'Connell)
1987 Henri Cartier-Bresson in India (Foreword by Satyajit Ray)
1987 The Unicorn Expedition, and Other Fantastic Tales of India
1988 The Adventures of Feluda (Pikoo's Day)
1989 Shatranj Ke khilari and Other Screenplays (The Chess Players and Other Screenplays -
             Edited by Andrew Robinson)
1992 Ente balyasmaranakal
1992 Twenty Stories (Translated from the Bengali by Gopa Majumdar)
1994 My Years With Apu
1994 Our films, Their Films (First US edition)

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